We are driven by a passion to create inspiring, uplifting environments for people to enjoy to the fullest. Our aim is to design and manufacture the most beautiful artificial green walls imaginable using only the highest quality materials, and provide them at reasonable prices. At VistaGreen, we’re constantly innovating to make our products exciting in their reflection of style and simplicity of function. That also means engaging our customers to be co-creators in making vibrant living and working spaces. Our design-infused solutions to practical greening are exceptionally customisable, allowing people to refresh their surroundings in their own unique way.

“As a busy central London design and refurbishment company we are always looking out for clever and sleek solutions to apply to our projects. We commissioned VistaGreen to install an artificial green wall onto the roof terrace of a high end Mayfair property. The finished result is fantastic, and the installation team worked efficiently and accurately. We would have no hesitation in recommending VistaGreen and their artificial green walls that look so real.”

C J Swainland - Building Services Ltd


Our Signature Panels of hyper-realistic foliage are beautiful, hassle-free, and a fraction of the cost of living plants. They come in boxes of three, and are easily installed with our clever wall fixing system. The Signature Panels can then be customised according to your preference with our Colour Box selection of Lavenders (blue), Snow Balls (white), Grasses and Mixed Plants (green), for different, versatile looks.

Artificial hedges, plants and flowers are becoming a popular choice for interior designers, garden landscape developers and retail and hospitality venues wanting to stand out. Their popularity is understandable as more varieties of hedge become available and production technology has improved to the extent that often it is difficult to tell whether an artificial green wall is real or fake without close inspection. As these artificial hedges require no watering, trimming or maintenance and can be installed instantly without need for light, soil and growing time they are a quick to install solution for adding some colour and nature to outdoor gardens and indoor displays.

Our Work

Throughout our supply of artificial hedges which you can find out more about in our case studies, Vistagreen have discovered unexpected and rewarding benefits. The lightweight design of these artificial green wall panels compared to real plants have overcome some tricky design challenges for cladding of major building projects, whilst being ready to go from the box without need to settle has contributed to shop refits meeting tight deadlines. The natural appearance of each artificial plant also provide a convincing growing pattern, appearing alive and fluid when the wind blows through the foliage.

 It may be a surprise to discover that artificial hedges are not only limited to evergreen hedge styles such as yews, conifers and laurels but also mimic floral varieties and foliage. Real colour tones of lavenders, ferns, snow drops and broad leaves add pops of colour to walls to provide an impressive sight from far off and up close. This durable coloured foliage stays green in all conditions, from the heat of Lisbon to the ultraviolet light of indoor offices, hotel lobbies, shops, bars and restaurants. Our fake plants are able to resist the elements outdoors too, creating an ideal green screening solution for rooftops, passageways, courtyards and schools.


Our highly experienced and dedicated team are committed to making the world beautiful, one panel at a time. Their passion, skills and knowledge are central to the success of the company. Our London-based Design team combine over 25 years of design expertise with a love of horticulture, to make Vistagreen’s Signature Panel and Colour Box the best artificial greening solutions for interior and exterior spaces. Our Production and Sales teams are committed to delivering product excellence and quality assurance, while making customer service and satisfaction their top priority.


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