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Fast forward your green wall design process with a
quick look at those who have already achieved
their own perfect vertical garden wall respite.

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Know Your Green Wall Goal

Check out our vertical garden brochure, website and social media for green wall style ideas.

Measure the Plant Panel Area

Measure the area you want to transform with artificial plant wall panels and send an email to with any green wall plans, pictures and specifications.

Determine the Quantity of Artificial Plant Panels Needed

We love to help people achieve their green wall dreams! Let us take a peek at the plans and work out the number of panels required for your vertical garden project.

Artificial Green Wall Quote

We’ll send you a vertical garden quote for your review. We also offer Artificial Green Wall Design services if needed.

Getting your Green Wall System

We’ll supply you with your artificial green wall panels ready to fit and enjoy or we'll come an install them for you (subject to location).