Green Wall Panel Design

Heathrow VIP, the elite service offered by Britain’s busiest airport, offers personal check-ins, luxury transfers and a dedicated terminal for heads of state, celebrities and premium travellers. As such, they needed an entrance that reflected the status of their guests, something to soften the existing concrete and steel façade. To do this, VistaGreen created a bespoke green wall combining a wide range of plants with ‘lush, international appeal’ in a project that enhanced the luxurious image of the elite private lounge, and set a new standard for airport design features.

This project illustrates the possibilities of artificial green walls as a viable alternative to real planting, particularly in a harsh environment such as an airport where living fauna would struggle.

When you consider the harsh environmental conditions that confront living plants at airports, with toxic emissions that damage foliage and lead to soil and water acidification, full sun and wind velocity, coupled with the need for special water systems and garden maintenance, real planting becomes highly impractical.

The VistaGreen installation at Heathrow VIP also offers architects a new, functional cladding option. Green screening is a great way to liven up dull spaces with minimum space wastage. While real planting would leave a gap between the wall and the planters, our solution allowed it to be fixed directly onto the concrete, so it didn’t encroach on the pavement.


Real planting can be limiting in terms of the plant species that are suited to the environment, and will often have to be updated from season to season to keep the displays looking full and healthy. This is where artificial greenery has an advantage, giving you a much wider array of choices that can be arranged to reflect in an all-year round design.

VistaGreen’s Heathrow green wall is made using a combination of grasses, ferns and flowers –buxus, seeds and eucalyptus.

VistaGreen has been creating a buzz with its revolutionary product, creating naturalistic foliage of luxurious plant mixes, assembled by hand on lightweight steel wire panels that can easily be attached to wall surfaces.

Artificial greenery offers a unique, quite lush, low-maintenance complement to the hard structural design elements that characterise airport design... With artificial greenery, you have a wide array of choices at your disposal and you can design planting to reflect an all-year round look.

Paul Alder - MD VistaGreen


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