Green wall panels with natural growing patterns

The leading ICT and Engineering recruitment consultancy, in the UK with an increasingly global reach, Roc Search celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017 with a move to a new headquarters in a prime office building at the centre of Reading, where the company has been based since its founding.

The new offices have been cited for their distinctive environment promoting a work-life balance and socialisation and prominently featuring spaces designed to actively engage its growing workforce. Among these are a layout conducive to riding scooters, generous lounge areas for coffee breaks, playing pool and relaxation, interactive installations with hanging recliners and artificial turf, and cheerful murals. The new offices even have a meeting room designed to look exactly like 10 Downing Street.

To create an inspiring green environment within this unique workplace, Vistagreen installed a lush, instant green wall in the reception area. The green wall separates the reception space from the work areas and creates a vibrant backdrop for the company’s high-contrast signage. While meeting the client’s requirements for a low-maintenance solution, the green wall heightens the fun, nurturing work atmosphere with a breathtaking stretch of uplifting green.

Technology-orientated offices have been at the forefront of an emerging greening movement in the workplace, a reflection of a larger trend toward eco-buildings. A new consciousness of nature as a motivational and well-being element at work is fueling a demand for practical greening solutions. Vistagreen has been steadily gaining a reputation among forward-looking companies, many in the technology sector, as an excellent alternative to real planting, which is unfeasible or impractical for many office environments.

The naturalistic, random arrangement of the foliage on Vistagreen’s Signature Panels mimics the natural growing patterns of living plants, creating a realistic evocation of nature that provides the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as real planting. With its life-like foliage panels that perfectly capture the colours, forms and movements found in nature, Vistagreen creates environments with a natural look that provide a sustained and uplifting affiliation with nature.

Our artificial green wall solution is the product of careful engineering and detailed design development by Vistagreen’s team of experienced horticulturists, led by founder Paul Alder, the award-winning British horticulturist. The Vistagreen team has eliminated most of the problems associated with real green walls by engineering an innovative and integrated system offering lightweight components and a fast and efficient fixing system for easy installation and consumer use.

Vistagreen offers companies and offices placing a premium on employee engagement creative design solutions for innovative plant displays that promote a better work culture.

Instant green wall panels natural growing patterns of living plants by VistaGreen
Instant green wall panels natural growing patterns of living plants by VistaGreen
Instant green wall panels natural growing patterns of living plants by VistaGreen
Instant green wall panels natural growing patterns of living plants by VistaGreen


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