The product is an artificial green wall panel which has been designed to create a realistic effect and is an alternative to a living green wall, which has inherent limitations.

The Vistagreen product is a unique 3-panel system comprising of subtly different A, B, and C panels that combine together to minimise the appearance of repetition and create a completely natural look. Together they can be combined to form a green wall. Any number of sets can be installed to create walls of virtually any size.

The dimensions of the Signature Panel are 80cm x 80cm and each panel is handmade to a specific plant layout which is patent pending in the UK. The panel comprises a metal powder coated frame to which the foliage is fixed using Vistagreen specific designs.


The panels are supplied in two variants - UV stable or Fire Retardant - and are constructed from foliage which has been tested to the following standards:

UV stability

Test item: Xenon-Arc Exposure
Test method: ISO 4892-2 : 2013

Test conditions:
Test Cycle: ISO 4892-2:2013 Cycle No.1
Irradiance: 0.51W/m2 @ 340nm

Cycle Conditions:
1. Light 102min. Black-Standard Temperature (BST): 65 +/-3C, Chamber Temperature 38+/-3 C Relative Humidity (50+/-10)%
2. Light with Water Spray: 18 min

Filter: Daylight
Test Time: 3000hrs

Expected Degradation: Grey scale 3 to 4 according to ISO 105-AO2 determined under D65 standard light.

Fire rating

Fire retardant: BS EN ISO 11925-2:2010 (Class E) Reaction to fire tests – Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame – Part 2: Single-source test classified to BS EN ISO 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 Fire classification of construction products and building elements.

Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests.