Passion and Inspiration

We are driven by a passion to create inspiring, uplifting environments for people to enjoy to the fullest.

Through extensive research and development, Paul came up with an ingenious green wall solution that looked stunning. It turned out to be a kind of practical magic, we’re proud to say, but it took a lot of hard work, and over 30 years of horticultural expertise.


Paul Alder leads VistaGreen and has 30 years experience in the landscape industry. He is multi-award winning and has 12 national awards, 5 Chelsea medals including the highly coveted gold, and a gold medal at Hampton Court flower show. He cut his teeth working at the Royal Parks and by the age of 24 he supervised over 40 staff tending to the parks.

Talented, driven and dedicated he is both the inspiration and passion behind the brand and its drive to transform urban environments where real plants can’t grow.



The Early Years

VistaGreen’s lush artificial green wall system panels have been
designed to create a beautiful green environment with a realistic
effect even in the most inhospitable planting locations


Our aim is to design and manufacture the most beautiful artificial green walls imaginable using only the highest quality materials, and provide them at reasonable prices. At VistaGreen, we’re constantly innovating to make our products exciting in their reflection of style and simplicity of function. That also means engaging our customers to be co-creators in making vibrant living and working spaces. Our design-infused solutions to practical greening are exceptionally customisable, allowing people to refresh their surroundings in their own unique way.

Vistagreen Philosophy
Vistagreen Team

Our Team

We are an innovation-led team constantly improving how we can engage responsibly with nature, and make our products exciting in their reflection of style and simplicity of function.

Paul and the VistaGreen family day in and out strive for greater efficiencies and quality standards, subjecting our panels to rigorous testing and finetuning.

VistaGreen leads the market

We came into the artificial plant industry to be recognised for the best manufacturing standards leading the research into improving UV standard and setting a bench mark for the industry to follow.

Vistagreen leads the market

Here at our R&D facility spend hours researching new plant shapes and colours working with engineers to manufacture them. Understanding colour association and texture is paramount in producing the best products.

We are now leaders in artificial green walls design

vistagreen customer focus

Customer Focus

Decades of horticultural expertise working on some of London’s best private and commercial gardens have given us an exceptionally attuned ear for what our customers want. Dedicated to transforming and uplifting client environments, we constantly innovate to provide better practical, safe hassle-free artificial greening while enabling our clients to personalize their green walls to express their own taste and style.