Low Maintenance Artificial Green Wall System

VistaGreen created a spectacular green-wall display at the Four Points by Sheraton in Nairobi International Airport to heighten the visual impact of the hotel’s double-height feature wall. The installation provided Four Points’ elegant, contemporary interiors with a beautiful, natural look, in the high-quality finish and functionality international business travelers value from the leading hotel chain.

 This project highlights VistaGreen’s excellent fit with international brands requiring exacting standards from suppliers. Whilst providing the perfect aesthetic and practical design solution for the reception area’s imposing vertical surface, VistaGreen is the only artificial green-wall system that could meet Kenya’s rigorous importation standards. VistaGreen, with ISO certifications for quality and durability fully conformed with Kenya’s stringent safety, quality and security requirements, inspected and verified by SGS. No other artificial green-wall product in the market could deliver such quality assurance, complying exceptionally for pre-shipment physical and documental inspection, for Kenyan importation requirements.

The product of extensive research and development by award-winning British horticulturist Paul Alder, VistaGreen offers versatile, customized and instant greenery solutions to transform luxuriously any environment with incredibly life-like, easily installed and low-maintenance artificial green walls. International brands trust Vistagreen to create stunning visual set pieces to enhance both their surroundings and image. 

Artificial Green Wall System Airport Vertical Garden Low Maintenance at the Four Points by Sheraton in Nairobi International Airport

Artificial greenery offers a unique, quite lush, low-maintenance complement to the hard structural design elements that characterise airport design... With artificial greenery, you have a wide array of choices at your disposal and you can design planting to reflect an all-year round look.

Paul Alder - MD VistaGreen